Tuesday, June 21, 2011

A Wig? Ok WHAT was I thinking!

Way too many people are asking me..."Quinn, WHY in the hell did you wear a WIG on the Real Housewives of Orange County finale party?" I had a senior moment might be the correct response ;)

But truthfully, when Bravo contacted me to invite me to the finale party, I thought that I wouldn't be on camera or miked that afternoon so I really didn't care. I was thinking what the heck, I'll go and hang out with my friends, Jeana Keough & Tammy Knickerbocker, kick back, drink some champagne and watch this seasons current girls do their thing.

During that time frame I had been going through months of pain & my knees were bothering me. I had already had an ACL reconstruction surgery on my right knee and had scheduled a total knee replacement to be done on my left one, so at that date...I was in pain still. I was feeling terrible and so maybe that showed.

So I got dressed in my comfortable and not very sexy jeans, flat shoes and yes WIG that went along with my "what the hell" attitude that day.  But when Tammy and I arrived at Jeana's house to all walk over to Vicki's house together... Jeana mentioned that she had spoken to (I think it was) Radar Online regarding Tamra & Simon. I didn't think too much about it because well Tamra is NOT my favorite anyway, also she was always talking smack about Gretchen and who ever else gets in her path. Plus, It's The Real Housewives drama - that is the sort of stuff that happens when you "Watch What Happens".

Jeana is my friend, bottom line and when someone is a friend of mine, I support them and I am loyal to them. Do I always agree with my friends? No... but I love them still.

Friday, January 16, 2009

Life is Short...remembering Beckie

Today I am attending my favorite cousin's funeral. I know some of you reading this have watched my My Space page and had sent me notes of good wishes & prayers after I told you of her battle against cancer last April. I want to thank you all for your prayers, support and all of your kind words. Yes I read them and yes I was touched. I guess it didn't surprise me to read that so many of you had also someone close to you in this same boat. I hope and pray your loved ones are at home, safe and happy now. Do any of you have a relative that is as close or closer than a sister? Well that's how I felt about Beckie. I will miss her so very much! She was funny, smart, a smart ass and very loved.

Life can toss you so many curve balls can't it? The very same day that I was notified about Beckie's passing, I was up North house hunting with my daughter, I had put an offer on a great home at 2pm and it was accepted at 3pm! I was so excited!!! Then the call came....It was a very emotional day is all I can say.
My mother and son are meeting me at the funeral home at 10am. I guess I should get in the shower and get a move on. Life is short...love the people in your life while you have them. You never know what tomorrow will bring. I love you Beckie. :(

Thursday, January 8, 2009

In a hurry

Hi guys!

I know that you are wondering where I am. Well during the holidays I was up in northern CA with my daughter, grand kids and ex husband having a wonderful and special time. It snowed on Christmas Day I was so thrilled! I spent 17 days up in the woods in a tiny cabin and loved it, who knew! ;)

At one point Tim (remember he was my high school sweetheart, the whole quarterback/cheerleader storybook romance thing) couldn't help but ask me what the Bravo people would think about the "Housewife" from the OC being held up the mountains in 31 degree weather, with 3 large dogs and him. Let me tell you guys he is NOT a city boy. My life right now really feels like a storybook... And I will share more but - it's 5:52 AM and I need to get to work by 7:00. I think tonight I have free (it's been a busy week) so I'll fill you all in more.

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow...

Hello everyone!

Just a quick note to say Merry Christmas. Not happy holidays or seasons greetings but the real reason for the season... Christ. So Merry Christmas!!! Of course I like Santa and the reindeer and the elves, gingerbread men and snowmen but that's not why I celebrate this time of year. That's not why I'm singing around the house and that's not why I'm smiling every day. It's Christmas and I'm leaving The OC early in the AM tomorrow to fly up to northern California to spend my vacation with Shannon (my daughter)& son in law and my 4 adorable grand kids. Oh and I should mention that... I'll be staying these next 17 days in a tiny cabin in the mountains in the snow with Tim, my ex-husband :)

Who would have ever thought we would be back here over 30 years later? NOT me I'll tell you that. But for some reason we find ourselves here again and who knows what will happen. It's healing, emotional, familiar and exciting all at once and I'm not worried, I'm going slow and I'm very happy! This time tomorrow night we'll be snuggled up with a fire and a glass of wine watching it snow outside. I can't even wait!!! Can you tell I'm excited? I AM :)

So... no blogging until I get home because we have no computer access. You'll just have to imagine what we are up to and I promise to fill you all in when I get back home to Orange County... IF I come back home that is ;)

Oh the weather outside is frightful. But the fire is so delightful. And since we've no place to go...let it snow, let it snow, let it snow... MERRY CHRISTMAS EVERYONE!

Friday, December 12, 2008

Christmas Shopping

I just have to say that I had a GREAT day today!

I got up this morning and my father surprised me by making me a yummy omelet for breakfast. I can't remember when he has ever done that before and it really touched me. I think that since I have been staying with him (this past month) he see's me working long hours and is worried. He has been telling that I need to eat better...but I get up at 5:30, shoot off to work by 6:30, then work a 10 hour day and get home around 6:dark thirty. Sometimes when I'm attending a local event I'm home even later... I can have some long days I tell ya. Anyhoo... after breakfast I took off to Fashion Island (Newport Beach) to spend the day with my mother and sister. Our day consisted of a delicious lunch at Tommy Bahamas Grill, power shopping for a few hours, a starbucks run and a stop at the pet store. They had to pull me out of there because I fell in love with the worlds cutest puppy :)~ Mannnnnn he was the sweetest, cuddliest softest bundle of fur I had seen. I'm still thinking of going back tomorrow for another peek.

Jeana Keough just called and left me a message about a "Housewife" function tomorrow at the Renaissance ClubSport in Aliso Viejo. She mentioned something about Dr. Ambe...I'll have to get more info because I could really give a rip about going to a botox/plastic surgery function. yes I would love to see Jeana, Vicky and Tammy -Jeana is the glue that holds all the girls together, the peace keeper. You couldn't get me to spend time with some of those other ummmm ladies. When the camera is on you they smile but if they see you on the street... well I'll just say they are not so nice and I'll leave it at that. My mother always said "If you can't say anything nice, don't say anything at all". You know sometimes it's so HARD to be quiet and NOT say what you really want to say. Sometimes I had a hard time shutting up when there was a camera on me but then I would think... what would my mother, kids etc think if I did or said that...and closed my mouth. Yesssssss I know I slipped up a time or two. Opps =^.^=

Maybe one night I'll sit here with a glass of wine and just let it all go????? Hummm that could be fun! LOL

So they finally let you all know that Laurie is leaving. I hate fake people... did i say that out loud? Bad Quinny :P~

Monday, December 8, 2008


Willow Creek
This week is filling up FAST! I have a restaurant review on Wednesday, the Resort at Pelican Hill invited me for an opening on Thursday evening and Friday my mom, sister and I are meeting up in Fashion Island for day of shopping, lunch and an ornament exchange. FUN!

Don't you just HATE it when you have an argument with your kids? Shannon and I had a heated discussion on Saturday (while I was in Costco shopping, not a great place to cry and get upset believe me) and it is still bothering me. I won't get into the details but I hope we get it all worked out soon... I hate conflict.

Tim and Mason I'm getting ready for Christmas up in the mountains with Tim and the dogs. I HAVE to get a picture to share with you of his 3 Queensland Heelers.

Saturday, December 6, 2008

Meet my Beautiful Daughter!

Shannon wasn't shown on the show at all. She lives up in Eureka (northern California) with her husband and 4 children...yes you heard me right, I have 4 grandchildren!!!

I guess having a grandma on the show wasn't exactly what Bravo had in mind for a Real Housewife. But hey, that is my REALITY. As much as I still feel 40 something, the fact is, I am 53 years old, have 2 kids and 4 grandchildren whom I adore. I just got home from spending the Thanksgiving holiday with all of them plus...get this...my high school sweetheart,Ex-husband,Shannon's father in a tiny cabin in Willow Creek and I LOVED it!

It was sort of like the old sitcom "Green Acres" minus Arnold the pig, with me from the OC alongside Tim (The EX) from Arcata. Truth be told, I just might be falling in love with him all over again.

More to come on that later.