Thursday, January 8, 2009

In a hurry

Hi guys!

I know that you are wondering where I am. Well during the holidays I was up in northern CA with my daughter, grand kids and ex husband having a wonderful and special time. It snowed on Christmas Day I was so thrilled! I spent 17 days up in the woods in a tiny cabin and loved it, who knew! ;)

At one point Tim (remember he was my high school sweetheart, the whole quarterback/cheerleader storybook romance thing) couldn't help but ask me what the Bravo people would think about the "Housewife" from the OC being held up the mountains in 31 degree weather, with 3 large dogs and him. Let me tell you guys he is NOT a city boy. My life right now really feels like a storybook... And I will share more but - it's 5:52 AM and I need to get to work by 7:00. I think tonight I have free (it's been a busy week) so I'll fill you all in more.


von said...

Quinn, I sure miss seeing you on the Real Housewives. I am glad things are going great for you. You deserve it. You always kept it real. You and Jeana seem to be the most down to earth.

Jennifer Love said...

Ohh..I miss seeing you on the show! You were totally awesome. Keep bloggin' sistah!

Shiela said...

Hi Quinn, I'm missed you!
I'm living out in N. Carolina now. Living our dream finally in NASCAR country.
Much love to you, glad to know you are doing well.

Shiela Johnston

Kelly said...

Can't wait to hear more about what you are up to. Are you still friends with Jeana? Were you at her house when she had the trunk show? Why in the world wouldn't they show you? Crazy.

Dawn said...

I was surprised not to see you on the OC. What did you enjoy most about appearing on the show? It seems to be quite the train wreck this year.

eljohnC21 said...

They really should bring you back on the show. It is lacking something without you. We were all waiting to see what would happen next in the world of Quinn. I'm happy you have this blog to keep us up to date with you and your life. You're like one of my girlfriends!

sparkydiva said...

ah - quinn! i found you!! i miss you on the show.

i'm interested to hear your opinion on gretchen. i read her fiance passed away in september. it broke my heart.

i'm adding you to my list of favorite links - keep blogging!!!


Denise said...

So glad you are blogging!!! Haven't seen a post yet on why you're not on Real Housewives...I hope you can feel comfortable in telling us what happened - maybe the door is still open? I was really sad to see the way Gretchen was treated. You were such a positive person on the show! Soooo....glad to see you're romantic life is hopping! God bless you and yours.

Ms. Wilson/Riot Crazy said...

Quinn, we don't miss you on tv and we don't care!

Barb said...

Please bring Quinn back....she is a wonderful lady and I enjoyed watching her. Get rid of Lynn. She is a pot head.
We should all boycott the show until they bring Quinn back~!
Rooting for you Quinn!

Cindy Dy said...

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