Tuesday, June 21, 2011

A Wig? Ok WHAT was I thinking!

Way too many people are asking me..."Quinn, WHY in the hell did you wear a WIG on the Real Housewives of Orange County finale party?" I had a senior moment might be the correct response ;)

But truthfully, when Bravo contacted me to invite me to the finale party, I thought that I wouldn't be on camera or miked that afternoon so I really didn't care. I was thinking what the heck, I'll go and hang out with my friends, Jeana Keough & Tammy Knickerbocker, kick back, drink some champagne and watch this seasons current girls do their thing.

During that time frame I had been going through months of pain & my knees were bothering me. I had already had an ACL reconstruction surgery on my right knee and had scheduled a total knee replacement to be done on my left one, so at that date...I was in pain still. I was feeling terrible and so maybe that showed.

So I got dressed in my comfortable and not very sexy jeans, flat shoes and yes WIG that went along with my "what the hell" attitude that day.  But when Tammy and I arrived at Jeana's house to all walk over to Vicki's house together... Jeana mentioned that she had spoken to (I think it was) Radar Online regarding Tamra & Simon. I didn't think too much about it because well Tamra is NOT my favorite anyway, also she was always talking smack about Gretchen and who ever else gets in her path. Plus, It's The Real Housewives drama - that is the sort of stuff that happens when you "Watch What Happens".

Jeana is my friend, bottom line and when someone is a friend of mine, I support them and I am loyal to them. Do I always agree with my friends? No... but I love them still.


your're getting a ticket said...

That is okay you still looked great, hope you are feeling better.

Jackie said...

I love your original hair color & wasn't a fan of that blonde wig.

Cheers! :-)


cindaruby said...

Quinn, I have alopecia and no one has ever known that I wear a wig. I wold love to know the name of that wig and would get one in a brown with highlights in a heartbeat. I love the wig Reese by Noriko or Rene of Paris. You would look amazing in the chocolate swirl one. Let me know. While hire Wigs less than $125.00. Love it.

mamaboop said...

As you know Quinn, you have always been one of my fave Housewives. I think they just don't get your humor and laid back style. Screw them! You looked great anyway and I agree with your accessment of Tamra. What a skank. You have two of the best friends from the show, Jeanne and Tammy. They should give you three your own show. Finally some housewives with some style and class. Wear all the wigs you want, girl. Have fun while the sun shines. You look great no matter what you wear and if folks don't like it they can kiss where the sun don't shine! Hahaha!
Big Smooches back at ya sweetie!
Carol (mamaboop)

Unknown said...

Quinn, where are you? How is life for you? I want you to know that I adore the woman I see in your eyes. Watching Season 3 today, brought back so many memories for me! I remember yelling through my TV that Billy was just not the one for you. LOL! Please, post a new blog entry and let your true fans know how you're doing?

MjC said...

Watching reruns on Bravo of the early Real Housewives of OC (missed all these episodes) and the first thing I wanted to know was what happened to Quinn... so glad to have found your blog with an update.

SouthernGirl said...

I have just watched several episodes of Housewives of OC when you were on it. Never seen them. I thought I seen them all. You are such a beautiful classy lady. Wish you were still,I may still watch more often. You just asked Billy if you were his girlfriend. Then you said you didn't know what was wrong with you. I don't think anything is wrong with. You seem to be such a wonderful person even on the inside. You just haven't found the right one that deserves you. Hang in there. Really enjoyed you on the show:)